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Sentouts Email Marketing service is designed to provide greatest reach for customer communications virtually. Through our marketing efforts, we help you to make the most of creating personalized messaging, customer interaction and build a unique brand presence.

We have all read about Email Marketing and how it helps to grow businesses, like yours, to find new customers. We offer Email Marketing Solutions in Sri Lanka that follows best practices around the world to get you the best results. Contact us today for advertising in Sri Lanka and explore what value direct can do to enhance your marketing efforts.


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Sentouts Email marketing service in Sri Lanka.

Email Marketing campaigns in Sri Lanka

We have implemented Three Email marketing packages to Sri Lanka for 3 66 000+ contact

VIP Email campaign

Your eflyer will be delivered to 6400+ well known peoples (VIP) in Sri Lanka via email campaign.

Special Email Marketing Packages

Email campaign for wide range of specially categorized email contacts of Sri Lanka.

Email marketing packages

Sentouts is the leading email marketing service provider in Sri Lanka. We have more than 3 36 000 email contacts which segmented according to various market requirements. Most popular email marketing packages are mentioned here. But if you have any different requirement please contact our team.

One Email Campaign

VIP Email Campaign

Pocurement Email Campaign

Three Email Campaigns

Vacancy Email Campaign

Students Email Campaign

Ten or more Email Campaigns

HR Email Campaign

Vehicle Owners Email campaign

Our Email Marketing solutions

We are not the LARGEST email marketing company, we are not the LEADING email marketing company in Sri Lanka. But we have done amazingly effective email marketing campaigns and solutions for numbers of clients within past few years. The truth is most of them are life time customers for us. Try once!

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We are very proud of the Email marketing service we provide and stand by every solution we provide.

Read our testimonials from our happy customers.


Best Email Marketing service in Sri Lanka.

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Sentouts Email Marketing Campaign Sri Lanka
Sentouts Email Marketing Services in Sri Lanka
Sentouts Email Marketing Services in Sri Lanka
Sentouts Email Marketing Campaign Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

Email marketing is not simple that much. But it brings unexpected results. Specially leads generation and awareness. We know that you have numbers of questions to ask from us. As Sentouts, we have answered few of them which most of the people asking from us.

Sentouts provides email marketing automation at some of the most affordable rates thus ending the search for many requirements. The best part is “No Technical Expertise” is needed with Sentouts Email Marketing. Just send us your contents with flyer and start your email campaigns at once.
Possibility of reaching an email marketing campaign to an inbox will be higher than 72%. We can increase it by selecting most suitable subject for a email campaign.

Customer should have to provide the contents and flyer minimum two working days before the delivery date. Payments also to be made minimum two working days before the expected date. You can request an invoice for payments and banking details will be included.

Yes. With each email marketing campaign we provide the report free of charge. Customer can request it after 5 days. We can send the email campaign report with in Three days after the request.
We use world fastest servers for our email marketing software. We can complete any email campaign with in 1-2 hours. Most emails opening with in 12 hours.

Our Mission

We’re your trusted partner who takes a proactive Email marketing approach to your business.

Any Questions?

If you are looking for further information about an email marketing campaign in Sri Lanka.

Email Marketing Packages

In Sentouts; we have considered most email marketing requirements expected by any type of businesses in Sri Lanka. If it is BtoC or BtoB or anything; we almost covered everything. Just see our email marketing packages and contact us for more details.

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