Procurement Email Campaign

It’s important to have direct contact of corporate purchasing departments; if you have any product or service to be promoted them. Sentouts formulated procurement email marketing campaign to meet your needs. You can send your advertisements directly to procurement departments of corporate sector institutes. You can get maximum results when you are planning a B2B marketing campaign.

Sentouts Email Marketing Campaign Sample Flyer
Sentouts Email Marketing Campaign Sample Flyer

We have 12 400+ contacts of purchasing / procurement and business owners. 52% contacts are corporate purchasing / procurement people and 48% are contacts of business owners. If you are planning to provide a service or product to leading organization in Sri Lanka, procurement email campaign will be the best option. Specially IT related products, advertising and printing services, Furniture supplies, etc can promote through procurement email campaigns in Sri Lanka. Many business related to courier services, cleaning services, software companies are working with us for long period as frequent customers.

Usual open rate of this type of procurement campaign is more than 49% at the present. And almost all campaigns received good results from the first campaign. If you are planning to advertise anything please contact our team and share our experience of same type of past campaigns.

All advertisements to be submitted as JPG / GIF / PNG / PDF formats within 200kb file size. Maximum image Width 600 pixels and Height should be 1000 pixels ( maximum ) with the image resolutions 72dpi. Please check the clarity before sending us. Test campaign can be arrange under some conditions.

  • Email from name ( 20 letters )
  • Email subject line ( 10 words maximum )
  • Flyer size (Artwork) 600 pixels (W) x 1000 pixels (H)
  • Body content as a text ( 20 words only)

Sentouts Email Marketing service is designed to provide greatest reach for customer communications virtually. Through our marketing efforts, we help you to make the most of creating personalized messaging, customer interaction and build a unique brand presence. Always select correct people to run your advertisement and get the results and analyze the behavior. Email marketing report helps you to get the real picture of your marketing effort and plan the future.

Study the email campaign report after the delivery if you need to get the maximum return for the investment. It always helps you to focus your future advertising campaigns. And also you can find what is to be done to reach the maximum.Contact us today and explore what value direct can do to enhance your marketing efforts.

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